Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Like a comment burning bright

OK, little bit of a cross post here, but I wanted to expand on it a little bit.
Wow, so I figured out why Sodapop likes Miami Ink so much, I watched it tonight and comparing it with the other tattoo show I was watching this week, Inked, I do like MI better. MI’s mostly all about the tattoo artists tattooing and their clients, just the tattooing of them, and the reasons behind the tats. Inked showed more about the lives of the artists, other things they did, though I have to say I like the parlor in Inked better, but that’s just cause it didn’t look like a tattoo parlor, it had lots of woodwork, a big receptionist desk and it was weird, it was right in the middle of what looked to be a shopping mall. Also, instead of a neon sign that said Tattoos on the front of it, it just had a sign with their name on it, kinda weird. The only reason (ok, there are two), I was watching it was cause I was watching this show Overhaulin’ before it, these people on the show take an old crappy looking vehicle and make it beautiful again, the few shows I’ve seen they’ve been older, maybe 60’s vehicles, so I’m not sure if they do other eras, but you would thinks so; and cause Sodapop’s always raving about it.
They had one chick on Miami Ink tonight who was getting a cherub to help her remember her mom and heal from her death. And one of the guys was saying how he's done a lot of ink that's for people remembering loved ones, and I was thinking, when I get enough money saved up for my next tat (or I can get someone to "buy" one for me), I'm getting a fairy on my right shoulder blade for Karli.
Now, if you know me, Karli is my best friend and last Nov she found out she had a brain tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. She got part of it taken out in an operation in Jan, and then started radiation in Feb, and ended that in March. In April, she started Chemo, well the drugs they gave her for the Chemo reacted toxically with her body and sent her into seizures. So, she's been healing since then, and on Thurs she's supposed to have a special brain scan to see if there's any of the tumor left. There is one more treatment that she can have if there is any of it left.
So, getting this tat wouldn't be to remember her, but just cause I love her so much, and realizing how close I came to losing her. The fairy I have in mind is one she has a poster and a magnet of, she's a big fairy fan. And I think it would be very fitting. I know she's gonna beat this and live a very long life, but I also know how quick we can lose the people we love. So, I just wanna get it, maybe I'll even get it in color...

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Goddess said...

I watched Inked a few times but I didn't care for it. The eps I saw were about some dude they hired that wasn't doing his job, he was lazy, slacking off around the work place and the boss was constantly cursing and swearing about it. I thought, "Eh, I deal with the lazy co-workers enough at MY job, I don't need to be watching this..." LOL.