Thursday, September 25, 2008

Accessories for life

Taken from the book: Swim Naked, Defy Gravity & 99 other Essential Things to Accomplis Before Turning 30. by Colleen Rush

For the ladies: how many things have you done before turning 30 (or whatever age you are now)? I've bolded the ones I've done (good thing I have 5 years to get the rest done).

Swim naked.
Break all of your parents’ arbitrary rules.
Grow something.
Dump toxic friends.
Speak a foreign language.
Buy a kick-ass mattress.
Draw and frame a self-portrait.
Stop chronic over-apologizing.
Create your own sisterhood.
Travel solo.
Develop a Plan B.
Know your friends’ family tree.
Embrace your inner eight-year-old.
Read: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Build a raging campfire.
Make the first move.
Know the other mouth-to-mouth.
Be your own muse.
Master a signature recipe.
Quit something.
Find the perfect red lipstick.
Negotiate for something expensive.
Google yourself.
Hold your booze.
Track down your best friend from kindergarten.
Write a complaint letter.
Claim your granny panties.
Make brownies from scratch.
Exercise the words “like” and “you know” from your vocabulary.
Find your religion.
Write thank-you notes for everything.
Perfect you’re A.M. stretch.
Declare your birthday a national holiday.
Stock an emergency disaster kit.
Accept compliments.
Minimize pointless drama.
Unplug your TV for awhile.
Dye your hair an outrageous color.
Invest in seriously frivolous undies.
Own your mistakes.
Take your hobby more seriously than your job.
Talk to strangers.
Get health insurance.
Hook up something high tech by yourself.
Live through a blind date.
Be a gracious guest.
Escape creeps and kick criminal ass.
Invest in earplugs.
Lose your virginity. Again.
Know your blood type.
Confront someone who’s done you wrong.
Walk in heels.
Write a body manifesto.
Watch the sun rise and set on the same day by yourself.
Disagree. Out loud.
Memorize your ring size.
Have a mantra.
Research your family’s medical history.
Do it somewhere risky.
Open a bottle of champagne.
Make more money than you spend.
be a nudist for a day.
Adopt an awkward teenager.
Eat soy.
Dress for longevity.
Kick one habit.
Defy gravity.
(meaning get a great bra)
Own a cashmere sweater.
Use a great dermo.
Get over yourself.
Sleep in a hammock.
Own a toolbox with all the basics.
Jettison your “skinny” jeans.
Collect correspondence with friends.
Get a massage.
Memorize your favorite smells. Surround yourself with them.
Fall in love (or lust) without blowing off your friends.
Dub the “Greatest Hits” from your childhood.
Care about where your food comes from.
Fly first class.
Cultivate your own style.
Carry something to read, a notebook, and a pen at all times.
Forgive your parents.
Be a dork.
Stop slamming other women.
Get waxed down there.
Adopt another motherland.
Tell someone your deepest darkest secret.
Make a killer cocktail.
Read your old diaries.
Tie a few knots.
Have your fortune told.
Cry often.
Give yourself flowers.
Stop looking for a soul mate.
Give props to a teacher.
Learn how not to be a flake.
Give yourself a make-under.
Be notorious for something.
Bounce back.

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