Monday, September 22, 2008

I must complain.

I know it probably won't make any difference to the higher-up people on the channel for one lowly TV viewer to stop watching, but I'm still complaining.

On most evenings, I have to work at 5pm, so I sit and watch a half hour of Reba on KCWI before leaving for work at 4:30, but today, they massively, changed their schedule. I have no desire to watch The Wayans Brothers. So, I commented on their website and told them I wouldn't be watching them in my free time anymore. Screw it, I don't have to watch the crappy movies on Saturday afternoons, or the random show on any given day of the week. I will only be tuning in for 3 shows now. Hell, I may even just watch my shows online, but not through their website.
That's the first time I actually go so pissed at a channel that I complained. But I guess we just don't wanna continue the good-natured humor of Reba in the afternoon. Oh well, it won't take much for me not to watch TV. I might get some things done in my life.

Oh, and please cross your fingers that I get this Executive Secretary job with the Correctional Department here.

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*Goddess* said...

Hey, I loved Reba, too! (You're hitting on all my favorite shows now:) I could have SCREAMED when I turned on CW and it was The Wayans. YUCK. I used to watch it from 4-5 on CW then 8-9 on Lifetime. I'm just glad it's still on 8-9.

I checked the episode guide and I've seen every show except for three:)