Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's gonna end

It's so sad to see a show go into the ground. I was all ok to see the end of Supernatural with Dean being eaten by Hell hounds at the end of last season (ok, not OK, but I could handle the end, it kinda seemed fitting), but now that an "angel" has pulled him out of Hell because of the coming war between Lucifer and God, I know this show's gonna be ending soon.
When you add a war between good and bad, the show always goes to hell. I used to watch Joan of Arcadia and when they injected in the guy that was supposed to be against God and that a war was coming with Joan being the leader of the "troops", that show didn't come back for another season.
And Tru Calling when we decide there's an alternate force whose trying to keep the people dead, when Tru is trying to save them, and it ultimately becomes a war between them, that show came back for a very short 2nd season, I know it's on DVD but I've never seen it. It sure didn't last long after creating the War Between Good And Evil.
It never works, and it really sucks to watch as people ruin a show.
We all know I love those boys and that sweet Impala, but I guess I'm gonna have to find me a good job (working on it) and buy all 3 seasons on DVD, cause that's the only way I'm gonna be able to see them soon.

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*Goddess* said...

I LOVED the first season of Joan--did you know reruns are on the SciFi channel now?--but the second season got stupid. I don't think they knew where to go with the show.