Friday, October 26, 2007

Raise the bar high

I don't know what the point of making plans is if someone's not going to care enough to show up. Tonight, I'm making dinner for Kevin and me (which is huge, cause I don't cook). I threw the ingredients from a Banquet crockpot dinner in the crockpot, and went off to work, called Kevin when I got off work and told him he had 25 minutes to get over here (he knew I was making dinner to be ready to eat around 6). He tells me, he’s working on his (and his roommate’s deck), and of course I called him about 6:35 when the food was done, and what was he doing? STILL WORKING ON THE DAMN DECK!!!!! He had all day to do stuff, and he happens to be working on the deck as the last thing. What’s the point?
I’m rather annoyed with him this week. Tuesday, he says he’ll take me to dinner, we end up with his roommate at a local Chinese place (I don’t mind going out with his roommate), and then we go to Lowe’s afterward. I don’t like wandering through Lowe’s for my night. I told him later, I would have been less crabby not seeing him, than going to Lowe’s to look at boards for his deck.
Wednesday, he has to work til 10, and then work the next day at 9AM, so I tell him to go home after he gets off work.
Thursday, he goes out to eat with his roommate again, and calls me asking if I wanna be picked up (as we’re going to Walmart later). After going back to his place, and leaving in his truck we go to Walmart.
Now, I get that they have to finish this deck project because his roommate’s dad started it and didn’t finish it, but when I make plans you’d think he could be respectful and show up.
Am I being selfish?

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