Sunday, October 07, 2007

How 'bout them cowgirls

I read PostSecret every Sunday. A couple of weeks ago there was one postcard that said: "I bought the coolest phone on the planet - but it still only rings as often as my old phone did." and Frank (the owner/blogger/writer of PostSecret) received an email in response to that postcard: "I feel the same way. I often wonder why I even have a phone because I rarely receive calls. If there was a way we could contact each other, that would be cool. My phone number is 605-212-7787." This was posted and the calls started coming in for the guy. How cool is that?
If I had the guts to post my phone number, I would, because I definately agree with the guy. My phone's not cool in any way, but very few people call it (with the exception of Kevin), it would be nice to talk to hundreds of different people, just wanting to talk.
Go here to read the story about the guy who posted his number online wondering if people cared.

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