Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another Rant

So, I was reading Snapshawt's post on the Boogie Man, how parents/guardians tell their kids that the cops will get them if they misbehave. I know this happens pretty much everywhere with cops, I didn't realize how much it happened with people who write tickets. Here, the PD has Community Safety Officers, CSO's, they basically (in the words of my bf) "do everything that doesn't require a sworn officer for". They transport prisoners to county jail (the city doesn't hold anyone anymore, everyone is shipped to county), direct traffic around big events, or accidents, deal with the speed trailer, etc, but one of the main things they do, and what people generally recognize them for (because they drive around little trucks that say Parking Division), is write parking tickets. Anyways, I've noticed quite a few people do this, and it annoys me so much, but even more so when my parents and boss do it. Everytime my boss sees my boyfriend (usually when he's working, but other times too), she'll ask if he's giving her a parking ticket. And last night, my brother was saying something about parking in-between barricades because a parade was going on, and my dad said "Don't let Kevin hear that, he'll ticket you". I have the tendency to defend him, and the other CSO's because people don't seem to get how annoying it is. Kevin says he's pretty used to it. I've even heard of them referred to as Parking Nazi's. Of course if people just obeyed the laws, parked where they were supposed to on a given day, at a given time, they wouldn't get a ticket.
My question for my very few readers, is, does this happen in other professions, does it bug you, and how do you react?
I'd also be interested in how cops react to this.

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