Friday, September 07, 2007

I am no superman

So, my day's starting off nicely, OK not quite.
I get to read about my brother being inconvenienced with riding the bus in Chicago, he complains about how he has to stand up and that the bus stops at every stop. Of course he's used to being King of the World, god forbid he drag his ass down to mix with the commoners. I'm not going to link to him, because I know he has stats, and I'm paranoid of my family finding my blog because of me (I complain about them too much, and I know my brother will inform my parents as his "way" of looking out for me)
And then I get to read about someone looking for a car for a relative, and how they're settling on some sports car and complaining about how they have to wait if they custom design it. Oh, how nice it must be to have that much money to spend on other people. I don't even have $1000 in the bank, it's annoying to read about other people having money. Also no link, you'll get over it.
And I woke up with my ear messed up, kinda felt like I went swimming and the water dried in my ear. Add that to the fact my nose is running and my eyes are watering for no apparent reason, yes the day is starting off great.
I know I'm going to hear more from people about how inconvenienced they are, it's a fact of life. Maybe I'll move down South, after reading about how great it is, I'm inclined to think about it. No, there's no sarcasm (you never can tell these days), it sounds like how life should be. Common sense rules, how many places can you go for that?

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Kate said...

just don't go to houston ;)