Thursday, September 06, 2007

Remember we have a previous engagement at 2

So I was reading an article at Goddess' site, and it truly amazes me how many excuses, articles, books, movies, etc. are made to teach people how to get out of speeding tickets, arrests, not be pulled over by the police, etc. If people would just OBEY THE LAW, you wouldn't have that problem. I was especially miffed about this line: "That's why, whenever an officer asks if you know why you've been pulled over, always answer "no" and just take the ticket." God forbid, people just take responsibility for their actions, yes I know that's a lot to ask in this day and age.
I have the wierdest dreams. I was having a dream last night about my relationship with Kevin, only he was abusing me, and then I left him, and there was a case being prosecuted against him, and then I went back to him, and then he was chasing me through a house, I went through a door and I was in a store that had some water display, and it ended with him brutally attacking me.
And then when I was half awake, half asleep, I had this weird one about how George was ruining all my pants. It was extremely weird.
Once again, I had a perfect blog all planned in my head yesterday, of course I was at work, so I couldn't write it down, I'm gonna have a notebook with me at work from now on. I have a tendency to take things from work (stuff that the customers do, or things I see from the front window) and post them here. Yesterday, there were a couple ladies in, and one of them was very old (wrinkly, with lots of age spots), wearing a tie dye t-shirt, and skirt. She tells me "this is the most unusual shop I've ever been in, and I only go in the unusual shops" OK? "It's unusual because I have no use for anything in here" and the way she said it, was like nothing in the shop was useful, so I tried talking her into some classes where you can learn to use the stuff in the shop, but she didn't want that (she came on as someone who doesn't want to do the work, but buys all her stuff premade). She bought a timtex postcard (timtex is the stuff they put into ball cap visors to keep the shape), and she wanted to see the card, I was confused, she takes it out of the plastic sleeve after she buys it, and tries to open it, like a greeting card. HELLO, it says postcard on the label, how many postcards do you open? Thankfully, she just decided to keep it, I was gonna be annoyed if she wanted to return it (mostly, because I don't know how to do returns). And then she tried to steal one of our pens, we have pens with flowers taped to the top, so they're harder to steal. I'm standing there behind the counter, and she picks one up and starts to put it in her bag, of course I told her they weren't free and quoted a price, well she didn't like that, and put it back. If you're gonna steal something, do it while I'm not looking, and not right in front of me. It was weird.
And then there was a lady driving a Plymouth Prowler down the street. These are ugly cars that kinda look like race cars, why anyone would want one is beyond me. Anyways, this lady was driving it up Main street, kinda slow like she didn't know how to drive it. Then she gets on 5th and sorta speeds off (like she realized how to drive it finally), she came back down Main, it almost seemed like she was scooping the loop showing her car off, funny thing, nobody noticed her. If you're gonna buy a car so people will look at it, at least find out if people will notice when you test drive it.
Also, there was a lady, that looked like the epitome of a hooker that you see in all those COPS episodes. Ya know, skinny, fidgeting, kinda look like they're on drugs, big huge bag they live out of, big shirt, short shorts or skirt underneath. Funny thing is, when I mentioned it to Kevin later he said she was a hooker.
Ah, the fun shit I see out my window when I'm working.

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