Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pure rambling

I went to an awards ceremony yesterday that my mother was getting an award in. It was very boring, so I slipped into bored classroom mode, where I write down the ramblings of my mind from a certain word, see if you can make any sense out of it:
Melby, melba, toast, toasted crackers, toasted Ritz, mmmm food
Patrick, St. Paddy's Day, Irishmen, St. Paddy, Paddy's on Welch, Beware the drunks
Polking, Polk County, Des Moines, Cops, Not very exciting for a full half hour, no cages, paddy wagon
Van Wyk, Van Slyke, First grade teacher, English teacher, Blue Team Middle school, 8th grade, Anton, Road kill cafe, flattened possum, fakes dead, stinky
Rodriguez, Hispanic, Pacific Blue, Bike cops, Black and white uniforms, bicycles
Terry, Terry cloth robes, towels, five-star htels, spas, hot tubs, cop and waitress, $half million, Rosa Perez, Rosa Parks, died, Cyride
DeWitt, Dewepacateur, Titanic, Rose, Kate Winslett, Finding Neverland, Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Carribean, Orlando Bloom, Lord of the Rings, Elijah Wood, Cedar Rapids
Jack S, Jack Sparrow, Captain, Pirate, ship, skull and crossbones, flag, legos, blocks snapped together, dragons
Holle, Holly Genaro, Die Hard, Bruce Willis, LA, terrorists, Hans Gruber, Silent Night, Christmans, Trans Siberian Orchestra
Crum, Crumb, Who's Harry Crumb, John Candy, The Great Outdoors, Dan Aykroyd, Blues Brothers, Chicago, Grant Park, zoon
Carter, Dr. John Carter, Noah Wyle, ER, Anthony Edwards, Top Gun, Hornets, Marines, Pensacola, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, Burner, Butch Barnes
Glatz, Glantz, Linda Glantz, Interior decorator, houses, rich, lavious furnishings, Victorian era, Queen Anne, lace, white, doily
Suzanne, Suzanne Somers, Step by Step, step family, Brady Bunch, old sitcom, Dukes of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson
AI, Haley Joel Osmond, I see dead people, The 6th Sense, Bruce Willis, The Whole 9 Yards
Owen, Owen, Steel Magnolias, Julia Roberts, Pretty Women, Richard Gere, Step Mom, Edward Harris, Apollo 13, successful failure
Rosenbusch, Busch beer, Miller lite, yeast, bread, grilled cheese, less than $5, Abraham Lincoln, assssinated
Ackerman, collage atcs, animal scavenger hunt, moose, buck
Marcia, Marsha Peterson, Ben Peterson, army, green, camoflage
Hart, Sarah Hart, annoying, brother, Marines, proud, few, best of best, dress blues, tomb of unknown
Pickett, Pickett Fences, Sheriff Brock, Tom Skeritt, blue unis, Kathy, red hair, big ears, Ross Perot
Zeller, stellar, supernova girl, Zenon 21st century, space age, digital age, computers
Baker, Dutch Oven Bakery, dutch letters, Pella, windmills, farms, rural country, horses, rope burn
Interdisciplinary, CJ, major, BS, Dec 16 2007, graduation, 3 hrs, Green Mile, prison, death row, electric chair, sponge must be wet
Earle, early bird gets the worm, late worm lives, come out in rain, flooded soil 1993, much damage, Hilton, Kenny Chesney, 2004, Slipknot, costumes, Halloween
Stuart, Stuart Little, mouse traps, The Ark, GP's, fleas, Frontline, Boxer, dogs, bark, Homeward Bound, Micheal J Fox, Family Ties
Florida, panthers, tattoos, permanent
Corbett, Corbin, Cyride, beat iowa, Iowa/Iowa state game, 9/15, Thomas the Train Engine, Boone Scenic Valley Railroad, trains, choo choo, bubble gum, Trident
Nettleton, nettles, poky, cactus, Arizona, Patch, running frogs, tadpoles, squeak, pigs, screaming, lettuce, green, $.85, E85, corn, gas
Rajan, Rajamahal silk thread, $1.80, skein, length of material, niddy noddy, calculates yards, grassy, mown, smells good
Virginia, Arlington Cemetery, military, Iraq, Marines, high and tight, Semper Fi, Latin, Always Faithful, motto, what's a motto

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