Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've had enough so-so for the rest of my life

No, I didn't just commit mass murder. I was painting the steps, which I'm not gonna do again, unless my mom pays me $600 per set of steps. She hired Kevin and I to paint the outside steps, at $100 per set of steps (that's $300, $150 for each of us). So, we got 1.99 sets primed yesterday, we ran out of primer, this morning, I painted one set and had them drying while I was at work. She comes home today, and says "They look good except..." there's always gotta be an except when I do shit for her. She tells me the paint I got on the risers (things the vertical part of the step) will have to be sanded off before I paint the risers because "latex paint won't stick to oil paint" if that's true, then why is it OK to use oil based primer for the risers? And of course you have to wipe the paint of the sidewalk, because it's gotta look good, no one's gonna notice a few drops of paint on the sidewalk. Geez.

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