Thursday, August 23, 2007

I always said, that'd be it

Ya know, I used to think 3 days without a post was a long time, now I can go a week and I don't think it's very long, sorry folks. Life gets in my way, usually when I get home from work, I don’t want to sit in my desk chair and stare at the computer screen.
So, I got my summer vacation, it wasn’t quite long enough. Kevin and I went up to my parents condo on Lake Okoboji in Arnolds Park. We left after I got done with work on Sat, and came back Tues morning, because neither of us could afford to take a week off. I hope next week I can have the whole week. It’s getting so annoying just going up there for a couple days and driving back, I hate squishing everything into 2 or 3 days, I want some time to relax. Mom was saying if you can spend that much time with someone and still be able to stand them and want to spend time with them, it’s a good sign in the relationship. We had one time where I wanted to laze on the deck (we have a deck that looks over the lake, the lounge chair was really comfortable and the sun was nicely shinning, so it was just perfect to lay and enjoy it) and Kevin wanted to go swimming in the lake, to which I let him know I just wanted to relax, and he got kinda moody about that.
We went swimming in the lake once, walked around the lake a bit, visited the Abbie Gardner memorial site, went mini golfing a couple times, walked around looking at stores, went to Spirit Lake to look at stores there, and ate out. That was pretty much it.
This past spring, my parents were discussing going to Hawaii the week between Christmas and New Year’s, at the time I was interested but I didn’t have a job and wasn’t sure about my schedule. A couple of weeks ago, they went to meet with the travel agent (once I got my job, my boss said she was thinking about being closed that week), and found out about a trip to Rome. So, that night, they discussed Rome and Hawaii to me, they really wanted to go to Rome. I said I didn’t, they wouldn’t accept that I really have no desire to go to Rome, not that I’m being stubborn. So, they say, think about it for a couple days and we’ll get back together, when we got together, I told them that I would be ok with my vacation to Okoboji and didn’t need a vacation in December. Ross happened to call right after we were done with our meeting, and my parents told him to go ahead and book the Rome trip for the three of them. That pissed me off, because you could tell, they had no thoughts about going to Hawaii after they learned about Rome, just that they were telling me they were considering it. And they still hadn’t wrapped their minds around the thought that I don’t want to go to Rome. So, Tuesday when I was chatting with mom about Okoboji, and saying how I wanted a week vacation, she called me that night, “So, do you want us to book on our trip to Rome?” To which I blew up at her, and she got annoyed saying I didn’t need to yell at her about it. Why is it so hard to accept the fact that I don’t want to go to Rome?
So, classes started at the college this past Monday, can’t say I miss them. I don’t miss the kids wandering around lost, coming into class 10 min late because they weren’t smart enough to figure out where their classes were before the class actually started, running to catch the bus, because they think it should wait for them, coming in to the library and asking shit that’s clearly posted, checking out the same book for hours at a time, because they won’t buy the book (that will happen later in the semester, when they get closer to tests). We went to WalMart last night, and its still pretty apparent that people are still moving in, shuffling themselves to the stores for those things they didn’t think to bring to campus.
No, I don’t miss classes, or the people you run into on campus.

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