Sunday, August 05, 2007

One foot in the hole

Damn, I'm glad it's the weekend. I've been working all the hours at the store this week, my boss was having surgery yesterday, so she was training me to open and close. So, I got to work over 7 hours Wed, Fri, and today, and over 9 hours on Thurs. K was telling me how people work longer than that every day, and I get that, but when you're not used to working that much and you start doing it every day, it wears you out. I know I'm gonna like the money, and I will wish in the future I could work that much all the time, but everyday this week, I was so tired when I got home, all I wanted to do was sit.
And if people would come into the store and buy stuff that would be extremely nice. We had a couple and their little baby come in today, and I'm pretty sure they just came in to get out of the heat. You know how you can tell someone's not interested in a store, I could tell the moment they came in. At first it looked like they were looking for the pottery shop next door, then they started looking around a bit. After awhile, I was listening to their conversation, which they were having and not looking at anything. I was thinking they would be pissed if I said anything about their conversation, cause it seemed kinda private, but HELLO at least pretend to be interested in the stuff in the store. And then the mother left her coffee for us. I think we're gonna have to stick a sign up saying NO FOOD ALLOWED, it's so annoying. People walk in with their food and just start walking around. The stuff in the store is naturally dyed, so if any oils, acids, etc touch it, it changes color, I'm just waiting for someone to accidently spill something, cause I can guarantee they're buying it, no matter how much they protest. Hey, you damage my product you're buying it.
And, lately, my boss has been having problems with her landlord (OK, there's always been a problem). The other day, he came in and they got into a very loud argument, I was at the front of the store, cringing. I can't stand people arguing that loud. My parents used to do it, and I was always afraid they were gonna get a divorce they way they were yelling at each other. The other day at the store, I was just waiting for them to jump at each other, it wa freaky.
So, my parents went on a mini trip last weekend, and I took care of the house for them, picked up the mail and newspaper and watered the plants. So, anyways they get back last Tues. I get home from work, and there's an empty pop can and some papers I accidentally left down there, and I haven't heard a thank you from them for taking care of stuff yet. I don't expect pay or anything, but it won't hurt you to say thank you.
So, you all know I fucked up my toe a month or so ago, well I did it again. I'm thinking of just staying in bed for the rest of my life. K and I were picking up pop cans (empty and not, mostly not), and I picked up one that was pretty full, so it nicely spilled on me when I was picking up another one. So, I went into my bathroom, and I was lifting my leg up into the sink to wash it off, pretty simple, right? Not so much, the sink has a little lip on it, and somehow in the process of lifting my leg, I stubbed my toe on that. And it started bleeding, and I bent the nail back, about 1/4 inch? Thankfully, it doesn't really hurt, but it won't let me bend it. DAMMIT!!!! Ok, I take it back, it's throbbing a tiny bit.

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