Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I may not stand before you like that knight in shinning armor

Dear Santa,

Here's my list for this year.

I want a hug from someone who loves me for me and not because I'm their child (probably receive that tonight), to be able to come home after a day of work and have the sidewalks and driveway already shoveled after a fresh snow, to live far away from my family and not have to see/talk to them every day, to live my own life, a stable job, to feel but not care, to care but not feel. To wrap it all up, I want a happy life without the stress.

Why, when you're really truly happy with your life, job, significant other, money, etc. does the whole world have to fall from under your feet?

If you can't get me any of that, I could use a new belt.

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Carrie said...

What happened?

Also, it's pretty much impossible to have a life without stress. There are some who do it, but they're usually comatose. You have to take the good with the bad, and all you can really do about it is find a way to deal. *hug*