Thursday, December 27, 2007

I met a guy

UGH!!! Ever notice how vacation is over soo quickly and work never goes by fast enough?
I got back last night from spending a week at Kevin’s parents place. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday he was off hunting, and I spent the days watching TV and reading. Thursday, his mom and I went to Sam’s Club, that was wicked cool, I felt like a kid in a candy store, he kinda laughed at me when I was describing it to him. Sunday, I had planned to go to a historical site in CR, but by the time he and his dad got all the snow cleaned up (they got about 8 inches Saturday afternoon and night) and we went to eat, we missed the last tour for the day, I was kinda bummed. We ended up Christmas shopping and then going back to their house. Monday, was more Christmas shopping and food shopping. We got to eat some really good potato soup that his mom made for Christmas eve dinner. Christmas Day, I had to wait until after breakfast to open presents, I was about busting at the seams by the time we got to open presents. Received some bath towels, dish towels, a couple DVDs, CD’s, some snowmen, and a bunch of hot wheels cars. My man knows how to make me happy. I got far more presents from his parents than I expected, almost got as many from them as I got from him.
He enjoyed the M&M’s I got for him. I bought custom-printed and colored M&M’s, blue and aqua with “I love you” and “to my prince” on them. Bought him some cars, and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3. We had a great dinner of ham, green bean casserole, broccoli and corn casserole and dinner rolls.
It was well worth it to be gone for a week.
My parents did get me a vacuum cleaner (of course I didn’t know that until we got back, and Kevin had given me one for Christmas), got a bunch of frog stuff, some movies, $$$ and some chocolate.
Hope everyone else had a good Christmas, and I will post an end of the year meme this weekend.

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