Thursday, November 01, 2007


Who wants to help me with a decision?
So, this year I'm wondering if I want to go home with Kevin the week of Christmas or stay here and work the basketball games. I really do need a break, but I also need the money.
Obviously we all know the perks of going home with Kevin, plus being away from the stresses of my life.
If I stay and work that's 7 games. It's a bit of money, obviously not a ton, but every little bit helps
I'm very lost on what to do.

Ever notice the people that always say "Nobody will put 'I should have spent more time at work' on their gravestone" are always the ones that can afford not to work the extra. And the rest of us are the ones that really need the break, but can't quite afford it?


Carrie said...

I say hang with the boy.

*Goddess* said...

As someone who always has to work holidays, I say go with Kevin. Trust me, there will NEVER be enough $ to the point you feel it ok to say, 'I can skip this job and enjoy myself'. As Nike says, "Just do it."