Friday, November 23, 2007

They don't need a man

It doesn’t feel like the day after Thanksgiving, as I have to get up early (ok it’s not really early) and work. I’m wondering why I agreed to go into work at 10AM, gonna be on my feet until 6 (a fun 8 hr day).
Wednesday, I came home ate supper with my family and sat down to watch TV for the night. My brother informed me I have been going over the ‘family’ (because my mother doesn’t have a sprint phone) plan’s minutes for the last 3 or 4 months. I’ve been using around 400 to 500 minutes. My dad said I had to have an estimate to how much I’d been using, but I really don’t. Nobody complained, so how am I supposed to know. I knew having a boyfriend made a person talk more on the phone, but I didn’t realize we were talking that much. Yes, I talk to Karli and my mom in there too, but most of it is talking to Kevin. I did feel rather bad about it; I didn’t mean to go over. So, anyway, we were going to watch Die Hard 4, and then Kevin called, and we chatted, then I went back in to watch the movie, my mom had switched chairs and I decided since Ross was being his usual annoying self, I wasn’t going to stick around, so Ross and dad figured I was just upset about not getting the chair. Ross never thinks he’s wrong in the way he’s acting, and dad just doesn’t notice. I figure it’s a typical sibling thing.
Yesterday was good, I was surprised no one called me early asking me to come down and help, but mom knew I was upset with Ross, so I think that helped a little. We finally ate around 1PM. After lunch we spent the afternoon watching My So Called Life. I was kinda miffed that we didn’t play Apples to Apples as dad made such a big deal about doing that instead of watching TV all afternoon. It was kinda like old times, all of us sitting around the television watching a TV show together. I was intrigued how well they portrayed teenage life, because we all know most TV shows about the teenage years aren’t really how it actually is. I left around 9PM hoping Kevin would call me last night, but he didn’t. I’m ok with it, I was just hoping.
And now it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m expected to be at the shop in a little more than an hour, to help with the big rush. Crossing my fingers we’ll actually have a big rush and make a lot of money today.

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