Thursday, November 08, 2007

I wonder

OK, after reading a few other commentaries about the CMA awards online, I decided to write up my own.
I wasn’t too impressed with the song Rascal Flatts was playing, and those pants that Joe Don Rooney was wearing, I don’t know what he was thinking.
Can’t say I like the whole idea of having more than one host. Course it didn’t help that I don’t watch ABC, so didn’t really know who the TV stars were.
I love Miranda Lambert as bitch chick. I’ve read how some people find her a little nuts, but she was great in Kerosene and this song, Gunpowder and Lead (I have no idea what it’s really called). I just don’t like her really tall boots, I seem to remember (I could be wrong) that the first time she performed on a big awards show she was barefoot. I didn’t like how at the end she “shot” her guitarist, that was not fitting.
Sheryl Crow’s top was a little weird, though she does look good. Don’t know what the point of her “Aw’s” were. Single of the Year was Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. I wasn’t really happy with the selection on that. I like the song, but I don’t think a revenge song on a cheating boyfriend should win, I was hoping for Anyway by Martina McBride.
You could definitely tell Chevy was sponsoring this. Not only was Chevy the first to spit out commercials (and of course, the whole, “brought to you by Chevy”), but when they introduced the Horizon Award nominees, every one of the guys was standing by a Chevy.
It’s a good thing George Strait had that guitar on him, cause he played it all of a few seconds at the beginning of the song. He must’ve taken the comment about how he doesn’t do anything but strum his guitar and sing too deeply. He’s not supposed to do anything, way to go and ruin the George Strait image.
Poor Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry for misreading Martina McBride’s song title Anyway as Away. Not a big surprise with George winning Song of the Year for Give it Away.
I like Taylor Swift’s new song, Our Song, it’s cute. Can’t say I really liked her outfit for the night, and that sparkly guitar, don’t look at it the wrong way, you might go blind. Also, her deciding to do God-knows what with her arms. Methinks, she shouldn’t do the impromptu thing, and just stick to playing the guitar. Does anyone else find it weird the one long “the way you laughed on the first date when I didn’t kiss her and I should have”, that’s supposed to be her boyfriend describing their song. Shouldn’t it be “I didn’t kiss you and I should have”? Or is it just me. There’s one move in her performance where she does this playing thing with her guitarist and I had read about how it was inappropriate for her because it was a “crotch to crotch” and she’s 17 yadda yadda yadda, I was watching it, and it’s nothing more than guys do with their guitarists when they’re playing. Stupid people and their double standards for women.
Sara Evans was the 2nd host for the evening, introducing Brad Paisley to perform Online. I had also read how someone was pissed because the marching band cut her off, if they were paying any attention at all, that’s how it was supposed to be. The song is about how fake people are online, and the marching band is a key part of it. Now is it just me, or does anyone find it weird how Brad “dresses up” in a leather (it looks leather) hoodie?
And of course Alison Krauss had to perform, I’m not a big fan of her anymore. She was good when it was just her, now that it’s always her and Union Station, she has become a group, and crappy.
I loved Big & Rich’s performance of Loud. Unfortunately the sound seemed to be off on the stage, messing up quite a few good songs all night long, and it wasn’t quite as LOUD as I’m sure it should have been. I hope to get their newest CD for Christmas, I love these guys.
I found it kinda weird that Jessica Simpson was in the audience. So Sara introduces Luke Bryan, Bucky Covington, and Jason Michael Carroll to present Vocal Group of the year, and Jason Michael Carroll looks like a chick, shave off that fuzz below his lip and he’s a girl. YAY!!! For the Dixie Chicks getting a nomination for Vocal Group, I figured most people were still pissed at them, but judging by the number of cheers when their name was read, there’s a hunk of people that aren’t (not that I didn’t know that). Congrats to Rascal Flatts for winning, I was hoping for Little Big Town.
Rodney Atkins performed These Are My People, and he really needs to stand still and NOT wave his hands around, he looks really bad doing that. But he does look so much better in a baseball cap than in a cowboy hat.
The chick from the spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy sounded high or drunk to me, she was weird. Carrie Underwood’s dress was huge, it looked like a dress fit for Cinderella. She really needs to stop putting all the “yeah’s” in her songs, they don’t do anything for the song.
I liked Vince Gil’s introduction of the Eagles. They still sound great. Question for everyone, is there 4 or 5 people in the group? It looked like 5 but when the camera was doing close-up’s it only zoomed in on four of them.
I liked Brooks N Dunn’s new song. Sad but still nice. It set off the same emotions, and I felt the same as I do when I hear Believe, I bet God Must Be Busy is gonna be a huge hit for them.
I was very saddened at Jason Aldean’s performance of Johnny Cash. OK, not his performance more at the suckiness of the sound quality, it totally ruined the song for me. Of course he’s still a hottie.
Vocal Duo was awarded to Sugarland. That was a huge surprise to me, I was hoping for Montgomery Gentry, but was pretty sure Brooks N Dunn was gonna win, hell, we all know it should be renamed the Brooks N Dunn award, as many times as they’ve won it through the CMA’s and the ACM’s.
So, Sugarland’s new song, Stay, SUCKS. It’s not really a song, more of a monologue sung. Maybe if she’d shut up more, and have a chorus.
Dwight Yoakam seemed really off, I’m not quite sure, but he seemed unsure, or like he couldn’t really read well. There were way too many pauses when he was talking.
George Strait won Album of the Year for It Just Comes Natural, and of course I was wrong on my pick (Long Trip Alone by Dierks Bentley). Course, it’s not a surprise, according to the announcer he’s been nominated 17 times, and won 6 times.
I loved LeAnn Rimes ragging on the rock/pop stars, about how she’d been around 13 years, with one marriage and no arrests.
I like Martina’s new song, only the chorus was a little weird. She always sings such great touching songs.
I’m not a big fan of Keith Urban lately, his songs suck, and I noticed watching him perform Everybody, he’s gotten a little chubby, is that one of the side-effects of getting off heroin? I didn’t quite understand the bunch of people playing instruments in the set behind him, it looked weird.
Taylor Swift won the Horizon Award, a big congrats to her. I love her reaction, very sincere, and I love her line: “This is definitely the highlight of my senior year.” Somebody needed to pinch her so she knew she wasn’t dreaming.
A great duet between Reba McIntire and LeAnn Rimes. I want that song.
The acoustics fucked up the performance of Boondocks by Little Big Town as well.
Dierks Bentley’s new hairdo, makes him look popish. I like the curly hair look. Female Vocalist was awarded to Carrie Underwood, once again I was wrong, I was hoping for Martina McBride. At least Carrie gave credit to American Idol with this award.
The presentation of the inductees into the Country Music Hall Of Fame was pathetic, no pauses inbetween the monologues about them, they didn’t even get to go up on stage, just stand up and wave. Congrats to Vince Gill, Mel Tillis and Ralph Emery.
I didn’t like Kenny Chesney’s outfit for his performance, it was so not him. It was boring, we don’t want to see him in dress pants and a dress shirt.
I love Kid Rock and Gretchen Wilson performing before presenting Male Vocalist of the Year, which was awarded to Brad Paisley, I was hoping for Kenny Chesney, wrong again.
Rascal Flatts performance with Jaime Foxx was…weird. It wasn’t really good or bad, just weird.
I got one thing right, I was right about Kenny Chesney winning Entertainer of the Year.

Has anyone seen the new Celebrex commercial where everything is made up of lines of words? Talk about one of the most boring commercials of all. If we really wanted to know about the facts of a drug, that’s what our doctors are for. I think I almost died of boredom listening to the commercial.

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