Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week of July 9th

Sunday: My mom asked if I wanted to go to an art in the garden fair. There was also a "garbage" art exhibit going on.
I found a polar bear
 a sword fish:
 a star:
 a shark:
 The inside of the shark's mouth:
a trigger fish
 and jelly fish:
 I thought this elephant bank was really cute:
 I also found a frog in the lake:
 and a puddle that looked fun to play in
 and some succulent turtles:
 more turtles:
 and some weird hostas:
 and some baby Naked fruit juice:
 I bought these three bracelets for $27
 and this cute bunny made from a cashmere sweater for $13
 We stopped by Walmart on the way home and they had their school supplies out.
I really only stopped in for the tape, but I saw the school supplies, the set of 15 (?) gel pens was $5, and the shaker minion ribbon was $1.
I had to work as well, so stopped off at the library book sale again on my break.
Monday: I made a birthday card for a coworker:
I also got some swaps in the mail,
A $5 mystery swap: 
 A loaded destash envelope:
 A birthday card:
 I was pretty stressed at the end of the night because of work and swaps and just life.
Tuesday: I really enjoyed my day off. I returned a bunch of stuff to the library, I went shopping:
 pistachio bark, Mountain Dew, cookies, chai, playing cards, bunny.
I was disappointed in the pistachio bark, it barely has any chunks of pistachios, can't really tell they are pistachios, that was $4. The Mountain Dews were 2 for $3. The cookies were $2, the chai was $2, I'm planning on drinking it tomorrow. The cards are Iowa playing cards, they were on clearance for $4, I was hoping each card was different, but they're all the same, a bit disappointing. The bunny was $1.
I did some artwork, and finished three swaps, a my choice swap:
 a pink, and black envelope flip book:
 and a scavenger hunt pocket letter:
 I also got a journaling card swap in the mail:
 She sent me an extra pack of Graphic 45 journaling cards:
Wednesday: I went to work, the post office and grocery shopping. I mailed off all those art projects I finished on Tuesday. And basically relaxed the rest of the day.
Thursday: I meant to get up and work on some swaps, but I sat down in front of the computer and didn't do much art. Worked that night.
Friday: I went shopping with a friend, that's gonna be a separate post, it'll be long. I had some great mail waiting for me when I got home.
A sticker swap:
A summer pocket letter:
 A mini loaded envelope:
 And a flip book:
Saturday: I was so tired from Friday, I didn't go to any garage sales (after spending $40 on Friday, I didn't need to spend more money anyway), and went to work.

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