Sunday, July 09, 2017

Week of July 3rd

Monday was my mother's birthday, so I made her a card:
I'm usually not that great at making cards, but I think this one turned out rather nice.
 My parents and I went to Red Lobster for my mother's birthday lunch:
 Apparently they do give you a free sundae for your birthday. My dad wanted to try the lava cookie, so we got that instead.
We stopped by Target to return something I didn't want for my birthday. I had asked for a replacement TV stand. Apparently they don't carry the same crappy one I have (the cheap particle board bookshelf that I'm ok with), I just wanted simple and cheap, my mom wanted more nice looking. I don't know why she cares, she'll never see it, plus it didn't have a back or solid shelves, I do store things on it. Anywho, the ones that were sort of like it were wicked expensive, I do not need to spend $80 on a bookshelf, I'll do that when I have my own house. We didn't find what I wanted, so I just got a gift card with the return money. My brother also gave me a gift card for Target, so I spent a little of that on stuff for a $1 swap I signed up for:
 glitter washi, Tsum Tsum erasers (those are for me) and some pens.
I also had to go to the Dollar Tree and pick up some necessities, mom said I should just get them at Target, because they'd be free for me. I'd rather spend my gift card on fun stuff, and hello, they're only $1.
 shower curtain, shower pouf, toothpaste, antacids.
I also picked up a couple sticker sheets for my swap:
 Tsum Tsums again, and butterflies.
When I got home I found some fun mail, a birthday card:
 and another swap:
 For this one, we were to fill a quart size ziploc bag full of destash art items. I had asked for die cuts.
and of course I got other stuff as well.
I had to work that night and then we went to see fireworks.
Tuesday: I didn't do much. I finished a few swaps to mail out, and didn't leave the house. After spending basically three days in a row with people, I needed a day to myself, and I work Wednesday through next Monday, so it would be a week until I got another one.
Wednesday: I opened, went to the post office to mail out a few Dollar Tree Swaps:

 A vintage pocket letter:
 and a summer flip book:
I also stopped at the grocery store on my way home. I'm not sure what I did the rest of the day, other than not go outside.
Thursday: I burned through some movies and basically went to work. I found this in my mailbox:
 My roommate got me this thing called Huntakiller, where you get sent clues and a letter from a serial killer and you have to figure out the mystery.
I also received a birthday card:
This is from one of my facebook groups.
Friday: I was originally supposed to go shopping, then I was supposed to work, the other day, my boss said she didn't need me to work, so then I didn't have a plan. I wanted to go to garage sales, but there aren't any in my area. So, my friend and I went to Goodwill, HyVee and a local co-op store, Wheatsfields.
Here's what I picked up at Goodwill:
 stuffed duck, foam stickers, min file folders, index cards.
I picked up the stickers, file folders and index cards for art.
I originally wanted to go to find some more not work shirts, more graphic T-shirts, I found a few:
 The top one has a ruler and a rock, the ruler says "you rock", the rock says "you rule", the green one has the aliens from Toy Story, the bottom one is from a local antique store.
 This one says I'm a can't see me
 This one is from the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans
 I know this is a hard picture to see, but there are some rose details up at the top.
I didn't try them on at the store (I know), I did when I got home, the rock shirt and the green shirt were supposed to be male shirts, they are mediums, but they still fit a bit tight to be guy shirts. The rest are women's shirts, the ninja one and the Hard Rock Cafe ones are a little tight, but I think they'll be fine. The brown one fits pretty well and the pink one fits pretty well.
Here's what I picked up at HyVee:
 These were on sale 2 for $6, there was also a croissant that I ate and a 20 oz of Mountain Dew.
I found this soundtrack while we were in a record store:
 This was one of my brother's favorite movies growing up.
Here's what I got at the co-op:
 Everything was on sale, there was also some watermelon water.
When I got home, I found some things in my mail box, a card:
 a few birthday cards:

 Here's the inside:
 and some diecuts:
I love those layered ones.
I was in a pretty grumpy mood Thursday night, I'm not entirely sure why. That's part of the reason I wanted to go shopping with a friend. Sadly the shopping didn't exactly boost my mood, hanging out with my friend, did, also the cards in the mail helped a bunch.
Saturday: I had to work at the library at 11, so that was basically my day. I stopped at the library booksale on the way home:
 The books were $1 each, CSI was $3, the DVDs were $2 each.
I found some interesting mail in my mailbox when I got home:
 die cuts, paper straws, paper flowers, stamped images.
birthday card with some washi, a tag and a paper clip.

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