Thursday, May 04, 2017

Small Haul

I went shopping today. I've been trying to be good and not shop (especially since I have a couple bigger shopping trips planned in the next few days) but I needed some adhesive.
First up was Walmart, we got a new Super Walmart, and I have to say I had a hard time finding stuff. I'll need to go back and just wander.
 paint, mod podge, tape, stickers
I was pretty proud of myself, I only spent about $20. I picked up the suncatcher paint for some Mario suncatchers I bought at a thrift store back in February. I needed the mod podge, the container I have now does not spread (I think it's just really old). I also needed the tape (I really wanted a tape runner, these are 'dots', but they didn't have the tape runner). I only picked up two sheets of stickers. The butterfly ones I picked up because someone had sent me some in a swap and I was excited to find them. Who can pass up ant stickers when it's summer?
I also picked up a bra, and I have to say I love it. I don't shop for bras much, I found some that fit and I hate shopping for bras cause they never seem to fit.
Next up was a garage sale that was right behind the Walmart.
 I picked up this tea pot for a friend.
I had to go to Younkers to get rid of a gift card. I don't usually shop at Younkers, but I found a pair of jean short and only had to pay the $8 difference.
 Last was TJ Maxx, I love going here. I found a few things:
 A collapsible storage bin on clearance for $4, it was originally $4.99
Next, a set of notepads:
 These were on clearance for $2, originally $3.99. It didn't have the pen, which I was ok with, I just wanted the sticky notes, I'm sure they will fit in pocket letters.
Some nougats:
 I got a pistachio one another time and it was so good. These were the only things I picked up at full price of $2.99 each, pistachio, strawberry and hazelnut/almond.
I found a Valentine bag on clearance:
 It was $0.50, I admit I mostly picked it up because it was 50 cents. I think I could cut out the balloons, it was originally $1.79.
I found another giftbag and tissue:
 The gift bag was 70 cents and the tissue $1. I figure I could always use these.
The last thing I picked up was a pack of paperclips:
They are shaped like little martini glasses, it was $1, originally $2.99.
I have plans to go to a few garage sales tomorrow and Saturday, and then some thrift stores on Tuesday.

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