Saturday, May 06, 2017

Weekly update and hauls

The week started off slow. I finished a few swaps.
A pink, gold and mint flip book:
 and a mixed media tag:
 That was Monday and probably Tuesday, Wednesday I went to the post office and the grocery store.
Thursday I headed up to the new Walmart because I needed adhesive, see previous post for that haul. I also finished a flip book on Thursday:
Friday, I went to a humane society sale, a friend's garage sale and Hobby Lobby.
Humane society:
 two scotcheroos and a cookie for $4.
 A stuffed Hershey's kiss, mug, wall plaque and an angel for $1
My friend's garage sale:
 some tins for $2
 project life cards
 project life cards
 And more project life cards, they were all $1. I don't know about everyone else, but I've decided I'd rather pick them up in small bundles rather than getting a core pack. I don't actually do project life itself, I just use them in art, so having 6 of the same card is a little annoying.
 paper, the first floral piece at the top is actually from Hobby Lobby, it was 22 cents.
and more paper, all of it was $1.
We finished earlier than we thought we would, so we went to Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make sure I went this week because Paper studio stuff was 50% off.
 The first set of flower stickers on the top is the only thing I paid full price for (now that I think about it, I could have used a 40% off coupon, but seeing as how the cashier forgot to charge me for one of my sticker sheets, I'm not too bothered by it). The kraft bees, succulents, round, ants and jewel bees were all $1, like I said the cashier forgot to charge me for one sheet of stickers, the rainbow ones, I just figured that out today. The big sheet was $1.25, the flower pots were $2, the jewel bunnies were on clearance for $1, and the black and white flower set was on clearance for $1.50.
I feel I don't really need to explain stickers, but I will. The first set I used for a project and wanted more of. I thought the bees and ants were perfect for summer as well as the long sheet. I've been in love with succulents lately. I just loved the round ones and who passes up rainbows? Also the flowerpot ones I used on another project and wanted more of. The black flower set I picked up for my black and white pocket letter I have to make.
I like these 'found relative' cards from Tim Holtz, I almost bought both, but I rarely use the vintage photos I have, they were on clearance for $2.99. The long tube of washi was $9.99, it's succulents. The two smaller packs were $2.50 each. 
I also got some really good mail. Black and white pocket letter:
 Vintage loaded bag:
 Disney princess pocket letter:
 May Day pocket letter:
 Mini spring pocket letter:
  Today, I went to a neighboring city's citywide garage sale.
 I thought it was cool that someone had a tandem bike for sale.
 Thought this was a cool tree, it looks like a heart.
I've been on the hunt for teapots recently, I was thinking all I'd see were toy ones today:
  and this one:
 But, then I found these two mini sets:
 The best part is, that inside this box is a tea set that sorta matches the one below except that the flowers are irises.
 So, I actually got three tea sets for $2.
Here's what I picked up:
 These were all free. I love the minions. I don't know why I keep picking up stuffed animals, I certainly don't need more. I'm not going to pass up perfectly good tissue paper.
 These were $0.25 each. I couldn't pass up the Kirby. I picked up Iron Man for a friend.
 These were 50 cents each. I love activity books, as well as stickers. I also love this Pyrex bowl, I have another one in this size that I bought at a thrift store for $4. I picked up the beads for the turtles and the pins because my aunt is a nurse.
 This was a dollar, here's hoping I don't lose it by next Christmas.
I picked up this box for $7
 There's a bunch of stamp pads in the top row, stamps in the second, ribbons and washi tape in the third and punches in the fourth. A great buy.
Everything in this picture was $5. I certainly don't need more paper, and if you've noticed I seem to be attracted to florals lately. Again with the stickers and some holiday washi.
I'm so excited that garage sale season has started. I already have one for next weekend.

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