Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly update

Not much going on this week, I worked 30 hours, so I've been tired of working. Monday, I mailed out swaps and went to work. I did receive some neat mail:
A button swap:
 A flip book:
 Index cards, flip book and ATC's:
 Tuesday, I slacked off on the computer and went to work, I got some more mail:
 A Mario pocket letter.
Wednesday I went to work and then worked on art stuff. I'm mailing my swaps tomorrow, so just sneak peaks. I made a green pocket letter:
 I pretty much just slacked off on Thursday, I did work on a mini altered composition book, and went to work.
Friday, I had off and read books.
Saturday, I went to work and then went to lunch with my friend at Applebees, that wasn't a great experience. Spilled my water, spilled my mudslide (a waste of $6), the wait staff didn't notice the puddle on our table, had to ask for a towel, they just set it on the table and walked off, and then our pile of wet towel and napkins sat on the table for the rest of our time there, also didn't get more napkins to use with our meal. My waiter barely got a tip from either of us and after I got home, I went to their website and complained. I don't plan on going back anytime soon.
When I got home, I had some fun mail to open:
 Animal paperclips.
Altered mini composition books:
I also finished the other one I was working on:
 Today, I didn't have to work, so I finished a flipbook:
and am reading.
Tomorrow, I work every day until Memorial Day, then I work Tuesday through Thursday of that week and that Saturday. Though I love that I'm getting extra money, the people annoy me more because I don't get a full day's break from them, and I just get tired of working. I'll be ready to get back to my normal schedule. But then I wonder how I could handle a full-time job.
I haven't been interested in shopping since my huge haul on the 9th. I do need more double sided tape though, and some scissors and maybe some paintbrushes. I'm thinking of going shopping on Tuesday when Walmart and Hobby Lobby are open, so if Walmart doesn't have my tape, I'll got to Hobby Lobby. That's my big thing I use while crafting, I have so much crafting stuff at home, but I go through adhesives so quickly.
I also haven't been to many garage sales. I went to a couple on May 5th and then I had the neighboring city's citywide. The next weekend I went to one and spent $2, that Saturday I had to open at the library, so none then. This week I had Friday Off, but the garage sales in my area didn't start until about noon and I didn't feel like going out then, I also was kinda depressed that day and yesterday I had to open again. Next Friday I close, and Saturday I have to work a graduation at noon, if there's something close, I'll probably go to it. Hopefully I can get to more in June, and spend all the money I'm making.

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