Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly update

Sorta, I just realized I hadn't posted from last week. Oops. It wasn't a very busy week. Sunday, I finished up art projects and read stuff. I'm actually pretty excited that I have been reading the books I have checked out from the library. I am really good at just renewing them. I've either read them or taken them back. I currently only have seventeen checked out.
Tuesday, I was supposed to have a thrift store shopping trip planned, but that got cancelled the Friday before. I thought I'd do a little retail therapy because I was rather bummed about it. BAD IDEA. I had to go to Target to return some pens and I had to go to Walmart because the other Walmart didn't have the tape I wanted.
I always start out about lunch time, I don't know why. By the time I got to the McDonald's I was hungry, so I stopped in to try one of their new burgers, I got the pico-guac. You get choice of meat and bun when you order. I decided to go with grilled chicken and their new artisan bun. I think I should have just gotten the sandwich and a drink, when I priced it later, it would have been cheaper, oh well.
Here's the sandwich:
 It was pretty good, but I got full halfway through. I also decided the fries on top of all that were too much. I'm tempted to go back just for the sandwich and try it again. It was also rather messy.
I saw this outside of Target:
 First stop was Target, like I said I had to return some pens, and of course they don't have the ones I want, so I have to go somewhere else to find them.
 a bralette, shaper shorts and tape. These were all actually on my list. I LOVE bralettes, they are so comfortable, it's like you're not wearing a bra at all. This one is a mint green, the straps criss cross in the back, it was $13. The shaper shorts were also on my list, I like the black color, though they are a bit shorter than I'd like. Part of the reason I get them is because my thighs rub together when I wear skirts and dresses, so I wear them, it's a bonus that they kinda hold in my fat, they were on clearance for $8. I also need more scotch tape, last week when I was at Walmart, I found a set of two for $5, I couldn't justify that when I could get a pack of two at Dollar Tree for $1. When I was in Target I saw these and was afraid I wouldn't be able to find the Dollar Tree ones, so I picked them up for about $3.
 This minion is actually a solar powered light and I certainly didn't need him, but he's a minion, he was on clearance for $7. The Scotch washi has yellow birds on it, I decided they were goldfinches and Iowa's state bird is the goldfinch, so I bought it, it was $3. It's kinda weird that one roll of the washi was more expensive than 4 rolls of clear tape. The action figures I found in the toy section, they were blind bags and all were about $1. Everything else was $1 from the dollar section. I just picked up the straws because they are cacti, I don't know what I'll do with them. I love the Tsum Tsum sticky notes as well as the gel pens. I love the sticker pack and the whale erasers and the mermaid pin and the paper tape. I spent about $32 at Target.
Next up was Walmart, again I was looking for a tape runner. Of course they were all out, so I'm trying to decide if I want to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up the refills for way more, even with the 40% off coupon.
 Three bralettes and a bra, a shirt and some underwear. Again with the bralettes, last week I picked up a black one at the other Walmart and wanted some more. The black one and white one at the top were on clearance for $4 each. The beige one was regular priced at $5. The black bra was on clearance for $5, but I've learned once you give up underwire, you never want to go back. The shirt was on clearance for $5, and I meant to pick up the XL, because Walmart runs small, but got the XXL and it's way too big. I also needed underwear, this pack was on clearance for $8.
 I love this notepad set, it was with the Mother's Day stuff for $4, the earrings were on clearance for $0.50 each. The Wonderball was $1, the stickers were $0.97 each. I really need to stop buying notepads, I have way too many. I couldn't pass up the earrings, I've already worn the owl ones and gotten compliments. I picked up the Wonderball for a friend. I always like to look at the sticker aisle, but I only purchase the 97 cent ones. I spent about $48 at Walmart.
Last stop was Dollar Tree, I was so happy for passing by on my way to Target, but then while I was in Target I remembered I needed a new shower pouf and shower gel, so I stopped on my way home.
 Paper tape, gift bags, note cards.
My Dollar Tree rarely has the paper tape, I walked by it the first time, and then remembered I needed gift bags for Mother's Day and my mother's birthday. After picking them out and turning around I found a whole bunch, I only picked up a few. Butterflies, houses, brown design and a pink design, I've already used the brown design. I liked the tiny gift bags, the first one says "Life is tough, so are you". The note cards were in the Mother's Day gift section, I just picked them up cause they were cute.
 Pretzels, Advil, washcloth, mini notebooks, paper clips, shower pouf and body wash.
I love frosted pretzels and I was hungry again. Advil is so expensive, I picked up these packets to put in my purse. I love these magic washclothes. The mini notebooks are for a swap, we're to alter them. I also needed more paper clips. I read somewhere that you need to replace your shower pouf every three weeks, that really just said to me I got to visit the Dollar Tree every three weeks. After getting home I realized I really needed shampoo not body wash.
 stickers. I picked up the horse ones because I had used them in an art project and needed more. The jungles ones were just cute as were the rest. I'm pretty sure I haven't used my other big sheets like this one, or my lacy ones. I picked up these butterflies before but sent them off in a swap. I did use one the other day to make a paper clip.
 More stickers, ephemera and a card. I've seen people hauling these butterflies and while I could make them myself, I don't actually have a butterfly punch, this is the only sheet I found. Of course rainbows, I don't know if you've noticed I've picked up a few of these lately, I need to make something cloudy and rainbowy. I picked up the muppet cards mostly because I wanted to know what they were, basically they're just cards about friendship. I picked up the card for the teacups. I picked up a few more of those new flower stickers, my favorite is the hydrangea ones, I have two sheets I haven't used. I also just liked the butterflies.
 Garland, pens, marker, erasers. I picked up the elephant garland for my boss. I got the pens because I love gel pens and am using mine too much so I'm running out, I may actually have to go buy more. I bought all the items on the bottom mostly because I saw other people haul them. I'm sure I'll send the erasers out in friendmail, but I have no idea what I'll do with the marker.
 solar things, toys. I picked up the two solar things for friends, but now I'm not sure what to do with the unicorn one, it's a little too bulky to mail. I picked up the box mostly because I saw someone else haul it. I love the little toys in it, but I don't need them. I picked up the other two because they were The Good Dinosaur. I admit, sometimes I pick things up at the Dollar Tree just because they are name brand. I do like dinosaurs, but again, I don't need them. I spent about $42 here.
On my way home, I passed by one of our second-hand stores and was taking pictures of teapots for my co-worker, I went inside to look at one more closely.
pitcher, dress, book, lacy piece. I got the pitcher because it was $1, then I had to pick up something else, because I was pretty sure they didn't want to use a card for just a buck. That's why I got the book, it's an interesting read anyway and came from England. I picked up the lacy piece to add to my total, and send out in friendmail. Then I found the dress. My original thrift store trip was to find some new to me clothes, so I was checking out their skirt section. This dress was just hanging on the front and I didn't expect it to fit me because a lot of their stuff is vintage and sizes were different then, but I tried it on and three people in the store told me it was cute, so I got it. It was $13, so at that point I should have put the book and lacy thing back. I spent about $21 there.
When I got home and saw how much I spent I felt rather bad and am not really interested in spending money for awhile. I have been using cash since then, that feels nice.
I did finish a few swaps last week as well, a spring pocket letter:
 some paperclips:
 some clothespins:
Another pocket letter:
 a journal:
 I got this tag in the mail:
 and a swap that included this beautiful flip book:
I also finished a tag for my mother:
Wednesday, I went to the post office and mailed off my swaps. Friday I went to a garage sale. I picked up some more teapots, a carebear and a book. I had a few more on my list, but they started later and I didn't feel like going out again. Saturday, I opened at the library then took my mother to lunch.

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