Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spending Money

So, my brother gave me a gift card for JCPenney for Christmas, last week I went online to spend some of it. I wanted to buy boots, but they didn't have what I wanted in my size, so I decided to look at their clearance clothing section. Here's what I got:
This is what I ordered, this cute little dress, 
And here's what I got: not such a cute little dress, totally not what I was expecting, I'm thinking about returning it. Anyone have any comments about how it looks? I think it looks kinda nice.
 Here's my second dress, unfortunately, I think it makes my hips look huge, so I might be taking that back.
This picture is kinda blurry, sorry. Anyways, I ordered both the shirt and the skirt. I like them both, plus they go great together.
I would love some feedback on how you all think they look on me, please.

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