Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garage Saleing this week

It rained on Saturday, so I got to one sale before the rain started and then ended up going to a new farmer's market downtown.
Here's what I got:
A stuffed frog, a stuffed dragon, a white plastic table cloth, a tiny red dragon, 2 bags of pom poms and a cute little butterfly pin.
I also got a quart of peas at the farmer's market.

And I bought a couple cake pops, this one's carrot cake.

I ended spending about $6 at the farmer's market, and it was all on yummy stuff to eat, so it wasn't a total loss, plus I got a free bag.

It seemed like slim pickings for garage sales this week anyway, so it wasn't that bad.

Don't forget to sign up for my birthday giveaway here. I've only had one comment, so it looks like Kimberly's in the running to win already. I'm also adding some cute little plastic flower rings that I blinged out to the package. I had this great idea to add gems to the centers of them for party favors, until I realized I didn't really have a party and didn't have anyone to give them to. They are pretty cute though.

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