Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday Five

It's that time of week again. Time for the Thursday Five. This week's words are:

1. I'm so HAPPY it's the end of the week and time for garage sales again.

2. I'm really GIDDY about next week and getting to put the suit on, my first appearance is on Monday, I'm also a little nervous.

3. Hopefully soon, I have a JOYFUL mail day, I'm waiting on packages from 2 swaps.

4. I'm really EXCITED about Karla's Birdsong Tag Swap, though after seeing some other blog writer's tags, I'm not sure if my idea will be as neat.

5. I'm very APPRECIATIVE to my coworkers for helping me out with things next week. I hope they will go smoothly and I can count on them in the future.

Head on over to Nicole's for more Thursday Five.


Nicole said...

I hope you have a great mail day too!

Jessica G. said...

Nothing better than a good mail day! Hope you find some real gems at the garage sales this weekend.