Saturday, June 18, 2011

An elephant

My coolest buy at garage sales yesterday was this bronze elephant. I saw it as I was walking up to the sale, and knew I had to buy it. I don't collect elephants, so I don't know why
At my first sale I picked up a Taste of Home magazine, three tiny birds, a cute glass leaf, a tiny jar, cute brass cup and a tiny charm
At the secon sale I picked up a cute plate, a bag of heart confetti, a Santa bag (so much for not buying my mother more Santas), a bunch of little plastic animals, a bag of jewelry (some pairs of earrings, a cute heart necklace, and a tiny bluebird), and a very cute stress dude
At that second sale, I saw brushes with hair still in them, gross!
And at my last sale I picked up this box of Easter eggs, I admit I only bought it for the prize egg, unfortunately, that just turned out to be a silver egg with a sticker.
I got a couple more to go to today. Let's see what I find at those.

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Jessica G. said...

Maybe you need to teach me how to go to these because I never find good stuff at garage sales. The last one I went to I found a copy of a favorite book from high school (my sister stole my copy) and discovered that the homeowner and I have similar tastes in music because I already owned all of the cds. :)