Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Sales and other stuff

I went to a couple garage sales this weekend, here's what I picked up:
2 stuffed animals, a wolf, and a pig planter
Funny thing about the wolf, I saw it on the payment table when I was paying, and asked if it was for sale, the lady said it was but someone had broken off it's toe. I asked if I could still have it (along with the piece of toe), when I got home I noticed it was orginally marked $5.00. There's no way I would have paid $5 for it. Also at the sale where I got the wolf, I had a bunch of tags maybe 5 inches tall, the lady said those were not for sale, they were in their box of labeling stuff. That box was under a table (where other marked things were), so I figured it was ok to dig through, plus I remember her watching me dig through it, why not move the box, or tell me when I'm digging through it?
I got a couple Pillsbury doughboy beanie babies, jewelry. She had that unmarked and said to give her a price
A cute purse, a dictionary (I'm getting quite a collection of these, I've noticed I can't pass them up if they are $1.00 or less, I actually bought 2 this weekend). Kids books
 Two cute garden stakes

I have a few ideas for some of the items I picked up today. I figured the purse can go in a giveaway, the Curious George and Arthur books I'm taking to the library, one of my coworkers uses good kids books for projects, and the lawn stakes my mother is getting for her birthday.
Nothing in the mail today, I'm still waiting to receive my Summer Essentials swap and my BEACH swap. My summer essentials partner emailed me on Monday saying she had to finish a homemade gift, but that it would be in the mail this week (mail by date was 6/4). My BEACH swap partner emailed me Thursday saying she had received my package and hers was now in the mail (mail by date was 6/1).
I'm a little annoyed with that. I've decided I'm not participating in any more swaps where you buy stuff and send a package. With the 2 above and the one I never got in December (it was a Christmas swap, my partner never mailed me a package, so the hostess had to spend more money and send me one), and the cost I've decided it's too much. I will finish the 2 swaps I'm in now, but won't sign up for more. Between garage saleing and buying for these swaps, my money has been really cut into, and since I don't spend near as much on garage sales, I'm keeping that. I figure I've spent most likely close to $100 on swaps since last fall, between getting things to send to my partner and postage, it does add up.


Annesphamily said...

MY son Nick is a high school senior and he still loves Arthur! He has a collection of those books and I still buy them in the thrift stores. I have a Pillsbury Dough Boy but he is hard plastic and we got him during a Pillsbury anniversary years ago! I should find him! He is so sweet! Great fines! Happy weekend! Anne

*Goddess* said...

The Little Dough Boys are so cute!