Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Five

This weeks words for Thursday Five are:

1. Monday was such a nice day, my family went to see the gian bug exhibit at Reiman Gardens. They were FASCINATING.
2. I got a couple PLEASANT t-shirts at Walmart today, one of them has a fluffy dandelion with a couple fluffs blowing away and underneath it says "Make a wish", the other one has a bee next to a flower, it says "Bee Happy".

3. My mother took a SWEET picture of me with the giant daddy long legs spider on Memorial day.

4. I joined another swap today, True Colors, it looks to be SENSATIONAL. You can still sign up until June 3rd (that's tomorrow).

5. A co-worker of mine said she would help me out with a couple projects at work, it was totally HEARTWARMING to not have to worry about them.

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Nicole said...

I love swaps so much!