Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday Five

Or Friday Five, as I am late.
This week's words are:

1. I bet my parents are having a MEMORABLE trip. They're in DC until Sat on a battlefield tour.

2. I'm trying so hard to eat HEALTHY. I haven't had a frozen meal in awhile and I have been making my meals a lot lately. Though I did end up drinking a mountain dew last night.

3. I made this cool thing for my True Colors swap. I think it's pretty GRAND. I'll blog about it when I know my partner has received it. I mailed it today, so probably next week some time.

4. So, Wednesday, I got my swap package for the BEACH Swap. I thought it was pretty IMPRESSIVE that I received that one, which was mailed on the 9th from Australia before I received my package for my Summer Essentials swap, which was supposed to be mailed on June 4th. I still haven't received that package, last I heard, I got an email on June 6th saying she was finishing something and would have it in the mail that week. I'm beginning to wonder.

5. I hope I can be LUCKY and find something good at the garage sales this afternoon. Only problem, I'm having a hard time talking myself into going. I do have to go back to work tonight, so that's totally not motivating me to get all sweaty on my walk.

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