Sunday, June 05, 2011

True Colors

I joined the True Colors Swap, and said my favorite colors were pink and purple. I figured I'd give my partner a couple examples of the range of those two colors I have in my apartment, and of course show some of the things I like as well:
This is a foam pink heart that's hanging with some felt flowers.
This is a pinwheel

Here's a vintage hankie I picked up

And some water squirters, I love anything to do with water.

A glass and a creamer, I'm big into vintage glassware

A daisy with a jewel center, I love fake cool looking flowers because they last forever

A string of felt flowers

a flower candle holder (can we see a pattern on the flowers here?)

A stuffed lion, I love stuffed animals

And a teacup I picked up at a garage sale yesterday

I really wish I had more purple items (and of course I thought of that later), in either deep purple (like the candle holder), or light purple (like the pinwheel). I'm sure you can also see a pattern with my vintage finds, I love glass ware, but I'm trying to collect more teacups, they're so cute.

I'm also into cartoony looking bugs, so if you find anything cool like that.

Otherwise, you can just peruse the rest of my blog and older posts, it's all about me.

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