Sunday, August 07, 2011

My Finds This Weekend

This weekend was tax free day on clothes here in Iowa. My aunt mentioned it after we went to lunch Friday, so dad decided he needed some shorts and I thought I'd see if there was any cute skirts on sale. I got a couple great bargains:
This one was originally marked at $48, and I got it for $9, it's marked as a small, but it sure feels larger.
This one was originally marked at $79, I wasn't sure what it would be, because there was no markdown on the tag, but it was so cute, and such a beautiful color, that I figured I'd see what it rung up as. It rang up as $17.70, the salesperson was also very surprised.

Then, my aunt and I went to a church sale, and I found a few cool buys, I found this cute sugar pitcher. I've noticed I love these heavier glass pieces, I have a few sugar bowls and a creamer. In fact, I have this same sugar bowl, only there's an etching in the side of it.

And even though I keep telling myself I'm not buying craft supplies, I did buy these flowers, and some punched paper. My justification is that the flowers are always so expensive in the stores, and I would love to have punches, but just to amass even a few is pretty expensive.

I went to quite a few sales on Saturday, one decided not to be open, and a few weren't very exciting, but I did find some things to buy. I bought a few crafty magazines at one and some Chinese papercuts, to see more about these, visit my other blog.

I also found this great bowl and doily

And a cute bear, more punched paper, and some birds

What exciting things did you guys find this weekend?

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