Saturday, August 20, 2011

This weekend's finds

I was not very interested in garage saleing this weekend, but a friend talked me into one sale, and I decided since a few more were close, I'd check them out. And then I went to our farmer's market.
At the farmer's market I bought 3 cake pops (one strawberry, once carrot cake, and one funfetti). I love cake pops, I only wish people would put less of the candy coating on the outside. I also bought a bag of snickerdoodles.
These are all from the sale, my friend talked me into, I actually walked right by it and had to go back. I'm keeping a few of these pins and selling the rest next weekend.

This bunch of stuff was in a bag, that I only wanted for the button collection at the top. There's doilies, fabric roses and some hearts

I think this cute pig was my find for the weekend, he's just so cute. Speaking of pigs I've started a collection, I have 3, there may be more coming.

I also bought some greeting cards, a bag of beads and a couple more pins

What did you guys find this weekend?

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