Thursday, August 18, 2011

My purchases.

I didn't plan to spend so much money, but since I hadn't gotten the job/promotion I applied for at the library, I did decide I was spending money on myself and I wasn't going to worry about it.
Here are the two notecards I bought at the art gallery, the bag of button , for a closer look at them, check out my art blog, the egg fabric
Here are the two linen pieces I found and the flower frog
Here's the two shirts I got at the consignment store. I had found quite a few cute shirts, but these two fit the best
And two Okoboji shirts, because you have to buy some of those while you're there
Now, you can't see the bag of candy I bought at the sugar shack, because that's gone.
I think I bought some great things, I just wish the weekend lasted longer, or that I got to have more time up there. I felt like we pushed a lot into the weekend and it would have been nice to spread it out and relax more. But, that seems to be the norm when I go up there lately. When I went with my ex three or four years ago, we had to be back by Tuesday afternoon, last year I had to be back by Monday afternoon and this year by Tuesday night.

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