Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day three

All the pictures in this post are of chalk drawings from a contest in Spirit Lake, it had actually happened during the weekend, and we got to see these beautiful drawings when we were there on Monday.
It was a very relaxing morning on Monday, we all got up when we felt like it and just lounged around the condo.

At about 10AM we went mini golfing at Treasure Village, my mother felt sorry that my brother wasn't up there yet, so she decided to play a round with me (she never does that). We decided not to keep score and it was pretty fun. By the time we finished it was lunch time.

We went to a close town, Spirit Lake, and drove through looking for a place to eat. We decided to got to a little bistro called Rebab's. It was pretty good, I tried a pesto chicken sandwich, and it was great.

After lunch we went to another art gallery and were blown away by the gorgeous photographs. Mom and I loved them so much we bought some notecards.

We then went to a quilting shop, where my mom had tons of fun. I found a cute egg fabric to go with some bird images I had at home.

We then went to a consignment store where mom and I found a couple pieces of clothing. I also found a few linen pieces that I couldn't pass up.

After that, we went back to the condo and proceeded to pack up for the next day.

And that is the end of our short exciting weekend. Tuesday, we got up, packed the rest of our items and left.

I had taken over $100 with me and spent about $80. Between the sugar shack, the flea market, a t-shirt store, the art gallery, the quilting store, and the consignment shop, I spent that much money. You will get to see my purchases in the next post.

I was kinda disappointed that my brother couldn't make it up to spend some time with us, but we all know how work goes. He is up there now, and will be there til the end of the week.

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