Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sorry guys

So, you all know that Goddess and I chat frequently, what you may not know is that I met her through the chat forum. I've heard lately that it may be permanently shut down, and I feel sorry for the people who have managed to stay on it. It used to be a great chat site. Used to be, there was this chick on there (I actually posted this on my MSN site) that welcomed me when I first started using it 2 yrs in May, and we got to be ok chat buddies online. Well I said something to someone else through an AIM conversation, which he apparently told her about, I guess people don't know what not to share with other people, and obviously can't figure out humor online. And we had a falling out. And I have a tendency to run my mouth a little, but I am not ashamed of anything I posted on that chat site, well this chick (who is in cahoots with the moderator) complained about me a few times and got me booted.
Like I said above, I've heard this chat forum may be shutting down permanently, and that's sad, but if it does, I wouldn't be surprised if this chick has a hand in it. So, to all of you who still chat on this forum, I'm sorry. But, I'm glad I'm not around now for the drama I've heard is going on on there. It used to be a great place to ask cops questions and get good answers. So, if you don't know any cops personally and you have a question you could get a nice answer. But then they started threads that were just chat threads, which weren't bad, but then these threads, someone would say something and get someone else all riled up, and then a full out argument would get going and the moderator would delete the whole thread.
That's kinda how I got booted, funny thing is, no one else had a problem with it other than this chick. Other funny thing, a couple people I chatted with believed this chick didn't have anything to do with me getting booted, because she didn't tell them. She was one of those people that would tell the whole board if she got a cop-basher kicked off. So, I guess she wasn't so proud of getting me kicked off, one of those people that unconditionally supports the cops, because I pissed her off. Hell I wouldn't have said anything about it either.

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