Thursday, March 01, 2007

sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke

Another funny for y'all to get your day going.
WOW! So everyone's getting all excited about the next winter storm. Last I heard they weren't even sure we were gonna get hit that heavily. Wouldn't that be great? Everyone stocking up on food, batteries and everything else, all the schools are closed or getting out early today, and then we get hardly anything. Course with our luck lately that won't be the case. I guess I'll just wait and see. I do have to go to the store as I don't have any food, I might actually be smart this time and buy shit that will be cheaper and/or not frozen. Cause we all know if we lose power, I'm not gonna be able to cook that food and it will thaw in the freezer, I'd be screwed either way. Course I'll probably get to the store and all that shit will be sold out. Oh well.
Well shit, I just heard one of our major highways in the state has been closed from my town up to the state above us, that's pretty damn major, guess we know the north's getting it.
OK, by now everyone's probably heard of that new mastercard Paypal. Well, I was thinking last night (while watching the commercial) doesn't it make it that much easier for a thief? This way they don't have to worry about forging the signature. Course I'm sure someone somewhere thought of that before it was made, right?
So, my bathroom project, I have drywalled walls all ready to be painted, which me and mom are doing this weekend to speed things up, course I still don't have a toilet, sink or any plumbing hooked up (at least not on) in there. And mom heard from the floor people yesterday, it's gonna take a week for the floor, well they can't put the toilet in before the floor, cause I guess its easier to cut it out without the toilet than with it. Ya know if this were their bathroom, my guess it would be done pretty damn quick. I don't mind the shower and using my kitchen sink but it sucks to go downstairs everytime I have to take a piss.

So, if y'all don't hear from me tomorrow, don't panic. It probably just means my power got knocked out. Wile my laptop can run on batteries, my dsl cannot. So, we'll see.

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Carrie said...

Oh man, so today at Duffy's place I was in the bathroom using the sink, and the water was coming out a rusty shade of brown. I didn't really surprise me since it's happened before (and the brown stuff is just iron deposits). Well, we went out for awhile, and when we came back there were a bunch of people digging a big hole in the ground, and the water was shut off. More than that, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad! Finally, after at least TWO HOURS, the water turned back on, and I was able to use the the plumbing.

Long story short--it sucked not being able to use the bathroom for a few hours, and I would have hated it if I couldn't use it for days at a time. You have my sympathy.