Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chartreuse paint

Sorry, didn't know it had been three days since I last posted (which isn't a long time, except that you must consider I pretty much update every day). I'm not quite sure what I have done since I last posted.
I have been going on my 2 mi (+ or - ) walk each day, I didn't take it today because the electricians were supposed to come and look at my bathroom fan. I haven't seen them. Meaning I won't be taking it tomorrow.
Cross your fingers and hold your breath, hopefully by this time tomorrow my bathroom will be completel finished. They finally got the vanity in, so the carpenter set it up today, and the plumber attached the water. So, I have a sink. Tomorrow, the carpenter's supposed to come back and put up the medicine cabinet, finish my towel cubby, stick trim up, and attach the tp holder and some towel holders. I'm excited. Not that you can tell, my mom will probably tell me tonight, "You should be more excited" Sorry, mom, but I don't show my emotions, not even the happy ones.
I'll post pics tomorrow, so you can see everything finished. Oops, forgot, I won't have a bathroom mirror, we're taking care of that ourselves, and mom doesn't have time to go look at mirrors until Monday morning, plus we're thinking about getting some kind of towel rack/cabinet to hang above the toilet for more storage, and we don't have that yet. And, some day, I'm supposed to get a new door. But, I'm excited because I'll be able to do all my morning crap in the bathroom, rather than in the kitchen, and the bathroom.

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