Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Dance

So, you probably all know I watch the Amazing Race. Anyways, this season it's allstar time, I think they picked some of the teams that played the hardest. Lo and behold the people I HATE, Rob and Amber (from Survivor originally, I believe Amber won that, then she married Rob and they went on The Amazing Race, thankfully they didn't win). Among the others are (in case anyone cares, otherwise, you'll just have to wade through this) 3 teams of gay guys (gay guys must play hard), a retired cop and his wife, a black couple that already won one (which I'm not quite sure why you would give them another chance to win a million dollars, as if they don't have enough already), a little person and her cousin, two beauty queens, two guys and their girlfriends (one team was on separate teams in the race they ran, and are now dating), and a southern couple. As of now they are down to 7 teams: 2 teams of gay guys, the retired cop and wife, the black couple, the little person and cousin, the beauty queens, and one of the guy/girlfriend teams. I haven't really figured out who I'm rooting for, most likely one of the teams from the seasons I watched: black couple, beauty queens, guy/girlfriend, course I don't think if you already won an obscene amount of money that you should be able to have the chance to win again.
Also, about delirium, the show didn't really interest me, I got to go in and watch a little, but just didn't excite me. I was rather annoyed that there were only 3 cops on duty, 2 college and 1 local pd. And of course, no one I knew :( Also, I've gotten this feeling from people that travel/work with other shows that come, they feel that they're better than us (the workers of the center) and they kinda blow us off. At the Dierks Bentley concert where we had the altercation with the cowboys, one of the security people with the show walked by and I asked him to help us out, but he just breezed by. Actually today it wasn't so bad, last night they seemed ruder. Maybe it was just cause it was the end of the day.
I'm also getting sick of the small crowds we're drawing. Now this could have been since the first 2 shows were cancelled and rescheduled so people couldn't come to these 2 dates. But DB was a pretty small crowd as well.

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