Saturday, March 03, 2007

I must be strong and carry on

OK, first of all I would like to apologize to my readers about my lack of posting material and how I'm complaining about snow shit. But, that's what's going on in my lack of a life right now, if you don't wanna read about it, LEAVE.
So, today, my mom's in a bitchy mood, and I just know, I'm gonna experience it head on later. We went out to get flooring for my bathroom, and paint and towels and floor mat and all that other fun shit.Well the flooring place didn't open til after 10, we were there shortly after 9, wouldn't you check on that first? So, we went to Target to get shit, she was gonna pick up a pay as you go cell phone, because she's going to NY a week from today, and she can't figure out how to get her voicemail messages on her phone. So, instead of calling the customer service people, she thought she'd buy one of these phones. She decided they're too much, because you buy the phone, and then you have to buy minutes. WELL DUH!!! Isn't that how all phones are? So, she decided that people will just have to leave a message with the other person on the trip.
And then we were figuring out color schemes for my bathroom as we're painting this weekend. And she's gotta have everything match, which doesn't bother me so much, but she was saying "I think this looks better etc" I guess it's a good thing it's your bathroom. So, I got me a frog bathmat (cause it's no fun being grown up all the time) and we based it off that. Got me striped shower curtain, towels, soap dispenser (which I think we're taking back, cause I don't like it), and green towels to go with the shower curtain. And beige walls (which is what I suggested in the beginning cause its a small space and it would be too much color otherwise).
We picked up the floor, and then went to get paint (cause the flooring place gave us a special % off card at the paint store). We get to the paint store, tell them the paint and they fill up a can, and then proceed to tell us the card we have doesn't apply to this paint.
And mom decided that since she's got a 1pm meeting me and dad get to work on snow. She complained to me that her hands hurt from using the snow shovel the other day. I was tempted to say, "Yea, mine hurt too the first time I used the damn shovel this season, it just means you have to use the shovel more" And dad complained about already doing 2 hrs of work outside, which I'd like to know where he did it, cause everything looks the same from when I did shoveling yesterday. Guess he forgot that I did shit yesterday and that excuse won't work on me, cause I know how it looked when I was done. I'm so sick of them complaining about it. Not like I don't do all that shit anyway and you don't see me complaining to them. And mom thinks because its sunny it's gonna be warm enough to be able to melt crap, it's not gonna be that warm. Ya gotta wait til tomorrow or Mon when it warms up. And you can bet I'll be out there doing it cause I'm so annoyed with them whining at me to get it done.
Work will not come soon enough tonight.


Brent said...

Aren't parents wonderful? I'm 46 years old and still have to deal with with my parents think. But I just disregard them. I'm too busy dealing with my three kids and what they think of me.

Shannon said...

It's why I had my first apartment the minute I turned 18 and I've not lived with my Mother and step-father since.

Now I live 19 hours from them (used to be farther when we lived in Alaska heh heh) and enjoy the hell out of it :).