Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have a toilet

UGH. So, the first thing my mom does when she comes up to see the lights and toilet. You need to clean up, there's grit on the floor, you need to clean out the shower, paint over the glitch in the wall, yada, yada, yada. She groans at me because the electrician said the fan blades (their celing fan downstairs) got bent from the way it was sitting on the floor and they should get a new one, because I didn't notice the tiny bit of wall that was missing around the outlet in the bathroom, and because the carpenter didn't come today. Obviously cause it's my fault. And she groaned at me, cause I'm not as excited sounding as she is about this project. Just cause I don't look excited, so obviously I'm not excited. HELLO I HAVE A TOILET AND A SHOWER I'M JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!
I also love it how when she comes I have to stop everything I'm doing and chat with her about this stuff. God forbid I be doing anything, cause it stops when she comes in that door, and I better talk with her about this.
Today, I did walk off cause I was watching TV and I wanted to watch it. So, I did.

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