Sunday, March 25, 2007

its the good life

Alright, I’m a little slow, I’m finally getting around to watching last week’s cops.
Boston, MA—Officer Richard Withington
I love these accents, almost as much as I love Jersey accents. I love the fact that they have “cahs” Wow, three cars of backup in a matter of minutes, and the cute ones rarely come with names L
Las Vegas, NV—Officer Garth Findley
Wow, this chick is flying off her rocker, just cause you’re pissed, it’s not a good idea to get all pissed and yell at the cops when they’re talking to you. And then she blames her warrants on her boyfriend, she’s got a few warrants and she says she knows nothing about it and somehow its his fault
Boise, ID—
Oooh, they have the nice lights on their cars. OK, maybe the other people did too and I just didn’t notice, I’m bummed cause my guys switched to the high powered light bars, and I like the individual lights instead.
Now why would you hide underneath the front of the truck and think they won’t see you? Especially since they’re supposedly looking for a dog.
“Officer Mathis, you’re lying” Yeah cause the cop has a good reason to lie. I have to agree, Goddess, he does have a great attitude.
Brevard County, FL—Deputy Greg Richter, Deputy Justin Gould
I feel sorry for the cops everytime. It sucks that they have to go swimming in this pond just to get the idiot out. “I ain’t done nothing wrong” The cops don’t usually come over and chat with you for no reason. You know how many times I’ve tried to get a cop to talk with me for no reason? Ya have to do something to attract their attention
Palm Beach County, FL—Deputy Mark Lanier,
Palm Springs, CA—Officer Anthony Pilutik
And this week's:
Las Vegas, NV—Sgt. John Faulis, Officer John-Andrew Cook
“When you see 15 cops come up, I run”
But they forgot to name Officer Jeff. I don’t remember his last name but he was in a cops episode where there was an accident and the daughter was hiding pills in her sock, then she dumped them on the street. And the mom was all upset, saying how she was gonna hurt her kid when the cops were done with her.
Boise, ID—Officer Dan Barber, Officer Casey Hancuff,
Las Vegas, NV—
Who offers someone they met in a bar a place to live. Especially since that person in the bar is living in a shelter, shouldn’t you be spending your money on something else than beer if you live in a shelter? I love it, “As long as we both get arrested, I’m fine with that” And then the lady (the guy’s arrested for domestic battery), “Can I bail him out?” Unfortunately, that’s a classic story. Sadly, but true.
OMG, that witness is scary looking. All that shit stuck through his face, and shitloads of tats. Now I like ink, don’t get me wrong there, but I like ink that flows together, none of this shit on your neck, on your head, and just random stuff stuck together on your arms.
Riverside County, CA—
Deputy Hibbler’s talking about the drug arrests he’s done, and he mentions the excuse I love “Oh, these pants aren’t mine” It’s even more funny when people think the cops are gonna believe that excuse.
I’m paranoid too, but I don’t run when I see the cops. I kinda glare at them, hoping they’ll stop and chat with me, unfortunately it doesn’t work, maybe I should try the running thing…
I find it funny I had the same reaction the cop did when they found the gun. Deputy Hibbler was looking for dope that the guy dropped and he finds a gun instead, my reaction: even better. The other deputy’s reaction: sweet
Palm Beach County, FL—Deputy Harry Thomas
Riverside County, CA—
FOX said the 2nd ep was a rerun, but I don’t remember watching this episode.
I love how the K9 handler explains what the dog did.

Last week's award:
Officer Garth Findley
Las Vegas, NV PD
This week's statuette:
Sgt. John Faulis
Las Vegas, NV PD

Sounds I love—sirens (unless theirs a shitload of them), the reving of the engine when cops accelerate to go to calls, the click of the handcuffs when they’re put on, and radio chatter.
It’s coming. There’s a show coming on FOX called Drive, about a car race. I can’t wait to see the first ep to see if its any good
Ooooh, I saw a commercial for some movie called Grindhouse, I’m not quite sure what it’s about, but the cars are GORGEOUS
So, this weekend was the first weekend of the year, and I heard 5 fire calls within 3 hours last night. You’d think people could just behave, oops no that would be expecting too much of them. I know cops like getting action, but I almost feel sorry for them with the first few nights of warm weather when people go a little nuts.

Last night I went to a public radio funddrive where I answered phones for about 3 hours. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, it usually promises a night of good food, company and fun. Unfortunately this time, not so much of that happened. The food wasn't that great. The company turned out to be someone I've been trying to avoid for awhile.
I went to HS with this girl, and I didn't like her then and well, I still don't like her. She has a tendency to be loud among other things, but stick that in a tiny room with 8 people at least one of them always on a phone, it doesn't work. And she had on shorts last night, which is fine, if you shave, but her legs looked like hairy guy legs it was gross.

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Officer Jeff Harper.
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