Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Black ol' sun

Alright, a couple pics for y'all.
The view of my bathroom (at the moment) from the door. That's my frog bathmat (he's cute, isn't he?) and my nice shower curtain, and you can kinda see the walls are painted now.
This is my phone (more about this below)
My phone open (you can't see it real well, but that's a pic of one of the cop cars in my city)
So, my brother says I can have an upgrade on my phone, says I can pick any one of these phones. I like my phone, course it's a hand-me-down from my brother (typical) but I've grown attached to it (and I've never quite figured out how to take the pictures off of it, there's quite a few bike pics, and a couple from FL a couple years ago, and a few from Chicago).
Though I do like the blue ones.

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