Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's Ride

So, me and Karli went to see Ghostrider tonight. Oh shit, that's a great movie, I'm gonna have to buy it when it comes out. And if I thought I got turned on by the commercials, well, lets just say I had a great experience during the movie. There's this one scene where the older ghostrider and Nicolas Cage are riding through the desert, the old one on a horse and Nicolas Cage on the bike, OMG, that really turned me on. I was grinning pretty much throughout the whole movie, it was pretty much like the first time I got to ride on a bike, and the first (ok second) time I rode with a cop. Great experience. I recommend it if you like: bikes, comics (cause it's based on the Marvel comic Ghostrider), Nicolas Cage, skeletons. It's a great movie. I had heard that the story line was messed up, but I didn't really get that, though it was kinda weird how they just kinda invented the bad guys he was supposed to fight, but the whole sweetness of a fiery skeleton on a sweet bike kinda overshadowed that. And, it was nicely set up for a sequel at the end. I generally am not a big fan of sequels, but I like how they set up the end of this one, I would most likely go see a sequel.

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NTSMadDog said...

Wow, sounds like a good movie. I do want to go and see it.