Sunday, March 04, 2007

Do you know of the reputation here?

So, I had no urge to watch the COPS episodes I taped last night, wonder what that means?
Las Vegas, NV:
Just a few funny quotes from Officer Rodriguez: "Where ya gonna go now?" "What's the warrant for?" "Traffic warrant" "I would have laughed at you and said good night, now you're going to jail." "What you trying to run inbetween trees for? You think you're a cheetah? You got plowed. That tree beat ya."
Boise, ID: Officer Gary Miller
Two cars, one may or may not have accidentally hit the other, so the one that might have been hit is following the guy kinda erratically, and the guy's freaked cause he's got his young child with him, they stop, the guy with a kid gets out, other guy swears at him, so he hits the guy gets back in his car and drives off. Once they both figure out what happened and realized how the other person was feeling, they apologize to each other and end with the guy with the kid saying: "If you're old enough to have a beer, let me know?" What better way to end a confrontation?
Palm Springs, CA: Officer Matt Beard,
Atlanta, GA:
Officer Dolson gots some nice ink on his forearm there.
Oskaloosa County,

Has anyone noticed that there's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out? It's all cg'ed. I doubt it could be better than the first 2 with actors in costumes.

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Carrie said...

I heard that the new TMNT movie doesn't have Shredder in it, which is stupid, because he is THE TMNT villian.