Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Spring

So, because Goddess has been raving on how good Google Reader is, and because Bloglines has been very bad on telling me Goddess updated, I decided to try out viewing her blog on Google Reader today. Bloglines told me Goddess updated 3 times today, since last Sat, course when I clicked on her blog, it gives me everything she posted since the 17th, I didn't exactly count how many posts there were but it was more than 3. So, I guess I'll see if Google's any better.
I'm not holding my breath on getting that job I interviewed for yesterday. When I sent my cover letter/resume to the business it was listed as a bookeeper in the paper, well I got an email from him saying that there was a misprint and it was more of "booking, answering phones, and general duties around the office", I'm thinking more of a secretarial job. But, when I get in there yesterday, he said he was looking for someone with more accounting experience and who knew Quickbooks, of course I replied that I had taken a couple accounting classes. One other question (ok two) that he asked me that I've never been asked were: What do I like to do on my days off, and What is my dream job. My mom said he wanted to know more of what kind of person I was. I find that weird, why do you care, as long as I'm doing my work at work and not getting distracted should it really matter? And if you want to know my answers, ask and I will post them in tomorrow's post.
So, I'm a little worried about my health, ok not so worried that I plan to go to the dr, because we all know why I don't like them (ya gotta scroll down to my comment). But Tuesday night (as I posted a tiny bit about), I woke up to excruiciating pain in my abdominal region (how scientific/professional does that sound) with sweats and cold spells, I was almost compelled to call my parents/or the hospital, but I don't have the money, and I don't like dr's (as I stated above). And of course today, it's all gone. Course that seems to be the story of my life, have some kind of annoying health problem that gets in the way and then in a couple days its gone. And with the health freak I am. Or healthless freak, considering the most healthy thing I've eaten lately would be the milk with my cereal. And that's very abnormal for me, I rearly eat cereal like you're supposed to with milk in a bowl, I'm more of the type to get a box and eat it in handfuls while watching something. I don't think I've drank anything that wasn't pop in god knows when.
Speaking of cereal, I have a few commercials to complain about. First of all the new Burger King commercial about the breakfast menu. I don't mind how they're changing the bad habits fo the guys getting food at a convenience store and out of a vending machine, but when they take a guy away from his breakfast cereal that bothers me. Cause you're supposed to sit down with cereal in the morning.
Another one would be Cover Girl, I was watching TV the other day and they said a girl without make up is boring. Like we really need someone else to tell young girls that they need makeup to make them more exciting.
The other one, I'm not really complaining, just commenting on. It was some weightloss commercial, and the lady was saying how she lost 20 inches (around her waist) in 20 weeks, I was thinking, if I lost 20 inches, I'd only be 4 inches. That would be a little wrong.
Ooo, if any of you have time, got to Yahoo! and watch Johnny Cash's video for God's Gonna Cut You Down, and see if you can name all the people featured in it.


Carrie said...

Ugh, I kind of hate job interviews where they "try to get to know you." It just feels like this huge game, and a lot of people know how to play the game perfectly, and just give the answers they think the person wants to hear.

*Goddess* said...

Wait till ya see today's Google Reader. It'll tell you every post I've added tags to on my Hott Cops site in the last few hours...LOL. I'm trying to get finished and I still have over 500 Hott Cops posts to go.....
But I still like it much better than Bloglines. The only thing it *doesn't* have that I used a lot is the "mark all read" feature. On Google, it just applies to the blog you're viewing at the time, not ALL of the blogs in your list.