Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You can run on for a long time

Rain, thunder, lightning, cramps, sweating, freezing. None of this made my night any easier to sleep through. Esp when the painful abdominal cramps wake me up from sleep and make it so I can't really get back to sleep.

I had the best dream last night. I fell asleep thinking of a gorgeous picture. I was on the back of a bike, in my Harley tank top (that I misplaced a few years ago), it laces up on the sides, is faux suede and a nice lowcut neckline, with jeans, my new Harley boots, and my hair free (notice no helmet), and I was hugging this guy, my arms around his mid-section, my head laying on his shoulder, so I was looking off over the side of his shoulder, and he had one of his hands on top of mine on his stomach, and of course the other one on the handlebars and we were just riding. He didn't have a face (as I don't know who that guy will be), but he had a nice deep voice. That's my idea of paradise.
I also had quite a few dreams of missing my job interview and something about being down in Florida, dodging tornadoes and alligators, hanging out with family and something about some wierd ass prickly bugs. Now that's a weird dream.

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