Friday, March 02, 2007

My mother came to Hazard when I was just 7

ugh, so I'm a little worse for wear today. Thank you Snow God, when I meet you we're gonna have a show down. I don't mind the snow so much, but this 'storm' as the weather people are calling it, sucked to shovel afterwards. It rained pretty much all day yesterday (that's the good news), and then it started to snow last night. So, today when I went out (yes, Goddess, I did shovel), the slush from yesterday was frozen, with the snow filling in the patterns, that's hell to shovel. Cause it's not like its nice and flat to shovel. And then there were bits that were very drifted, but no big strong winds that the weather people said we'd have (I was kinda hoping we would for 2 reasons, one some of the snow would blow away, and two, I'd have a good reason not to go out and shovel). So, I decided to go out when it was supposed to feel the warmest (+9), well it was a lot warmer feeling than 9, or I'm sick, cause I had to go back in and change into my leather jacket from my big heavy winter jacket. And as I'm out there, I had the urge to take even my leather jacket off. I've heard and read that hypothermia makes you feel hot, so I could have been sick, but who knows, we all know I don't visit the dr. After about 45 minutes I got sick of trying to shovel snow that wasn't gonna move for me, and the fact that Dream Guy across the way (or his roommate) invested in a snowblower and was using that. So, I went inside, I was so pissed I was almost crying (I have no idea where those tears came from), so I was stripping off my coat, hat, scarf, boots, gloves, and pants (I had long underwear underneath), and my pants got caught in the headphone wire on my mp3 player and knocked it down a couple stairs, so I got pissed, swore and hit the wall (there was a lot of power in that hit), and now my hand hurts, nothing feels broken (not that I would know what something broken feels like, but I figured if the side of the hand feels the same as the other hand, it has to be normal, right?), but it does hurt.
Oh, and I've also decided that I would love it if I had a cop (or other guy to complain to) on one of my many IM lists. I figure, Goddess has to get annoyed with my complaining some time, and it would just be nice to have a guy to complain to. Someone that doesn't really know me (its more fun that way).

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Brent said...

Winter sucks. Plain and simple.