Friday, March 09, 2007

Are we having fun yet?

OK, so I'm watching WifeSwap (yes, joke away). I was caught up in it because there's a prison guard and her husband, a cop, and they don't discipline their kids. They have 3 kids, a 12 yr old that looks after the 2 younger ones. And they live in this disgusting house, the mom feels she didn't make the messes she shouldn't clean them up, the house is disgusting (and I don't clean that much, so it's nasty). The other family is a dance family, the mother makes the kids dance almost 24/7, it's so wrong. I was sucked in cause the cop was pretty damn hott, unfortunately I couldn't find a pic, sorry all. But he's got that crewcut that turns me on.

And in other news....more stuff from my Reader's Digest
They're coming up with a diet pill for a dog. It's hard enough getting a person to diet, now they think they can make a dog? The rules are pretty much the same: take the drug for 6-10 months, follow a diet, and exercise regularly.
Also, you can now take your dog out on the town. Chow in New Haven, CT has a Yappy Hour every Wednesday. There is a Dog Bar in Charlotte, NC. Ham Barker Helper is offered at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe in Portland, OR. Also, the White Sox and other major and minor league teams are setting aside a game day for dogs.

Here's a new exercise for you all: the average American pushes a vacuum around the house more than 18 miles a year.

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